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Webster County Detention Center allows items such as clothing and certain religious items to be sent to inmates. These items must go through the following process to be allowed:

  1. The inmate MUST fill out a property request form listing the items to be sent.
  2. These items MUST be approved prior to being ordered.
  3. The items MUST be ordered and mailed DIRECTLY from a verifiable vendor (Amazon, Walmart, etc.).
  4. All packages are subject to examination prior to being given to the inmate.
  5. Any packages that cannot be accepted will be returned to sender.
  6. County inmates may have property sent in within 14 days of booking date.

NOTE: In the case of letters, cards, and photos, please DO NOT add any stickers, glitter or spray any scents on them. Because of allergies of those sorting and passing out mail, perfumes and colognes are prohibited and mail will be returned to sender if scents are present. No stamps or envelopes are allowed.

NOTE: In the case of books, inmates are allowed three books in the cell and five in their property. Anything more than that will be donated to the facility library. Books must come from an outside verifiable vendor (Amazon, Walmart, etc.).

Property Permitted

5 white tee white short sleeve shirts (no pockets)

3 bra no underwire

5 underwear Work boots/tennis shoes (RCC Only)
5 socks (pair) High visibility Winter Coat (RCC Only)
1 thermal top/bottom